Intergenerational and family ministry

At the bottom of this page you will find some of the things I have written on my blog about family and intergenerational ministry, I hope they are helpful to you. But before you get to the list I thought I’d tell you a bit about my own journey with family and intergeneratoinal ministry (by the way, the journey still continues).

When I started writing this blog I hadn’t heard about intergenerational ministry, all my attention was on ministering to children. But in the past few years my interest has increased as I have come to understand the power of involving the whole church in raising kids up to know Jesus. This interest increased when I attended the Collide Conference about a year ago and when I wrote a post for the Fammin Blog Tour . Since then I have read and thought lots more about it. 

And then in July 2013, we started an intergenerational service at our church in Sydney. This is what I said at our first service: 

When I first became a Christian I was reading a book about John’s gospel. As I read about these first 18 verses I was so excited about them that I remember running down from my bedroom to tell my husband, Francis about Jesus being the Word of God. I love the way that these verses, known as John’s Prologue so beautifully introduce some really big truths about who Jesus is and what He does. In the prologue, we find out that Jesus is creative, He is God, He shows God’s glory and He is filled with grace and truth. Later in John’s Gospel, we get to discover lots of examples of these things and that’s why these verses are such a great introduction to the rest of the book. 

I chose those verses to talk about at our first Morning Mix because they are my favourite verses in my favourite book of the bible; and because they provide a great prologue to our new service. A year ago, I went to the Collide Conference and in a way this start to the Morning Mix comes from that moment.  I’d like to read something I wrote about that day:

Today I went to the Collide Conference an hour’s drive out of Sydney.  The night before we had a terrible storm, it would have been easier not to go. I got into my car and it wouldn’t start, it would have been easier not to go. The car I ended up taking was needed in the mid afternoon so I had to leave halfway through the day, it would have been easier not to go. When I got to the conference the carpark was a muddy mess, it would have been easier not to go.

When I finally got there, although I was a bit late and a bit wet, I was glad that nothing had stopped me.  Collide is all about creating environments where generations can collide.  At the conference we heard about the strength of bringing together parents and church to help our children be transformed.  And we heard of churches who are trying to work out what that looks like in their context.  I spent the day thinking about how the kids’ ministry that I am involved in would look different if it collided with other ministries and people groups more.  

Over the past 12 months we have talked, prayed and planned for this new service and here we are on Sunday morning at St Michael’s at the first ever Morning Mix. 

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