Helping students find their voice

I was recently in a seminar with 30 confident, competent professional people. After a few excellent presentations the floor was opened for discussion, it started slowly, partly because of the layout of the room and perhaps also because the floor was too open. That is, there was no driving question, so it was a meandering […]

The Starfish and Christian education

I just read The Starfish: On Creating Academic Thresholds, by Katie Yezzi. You can read this interesting blog here Katie Yezzi writes about a middle school science lesson she observed where the students had the opportunity to dissect starfish. She observes how the students were not that excited by the opportunity, when she felt that […]

Teaching and Learning using Expert Groups

Using Expert Groups, also called Jigsaw, is an excellent teaching strategy for getting students involved in both teaching and learning. When I listen to people talk about Expert Groups it seems to me that there is some confusion about what they are. If you divide your class into small groups and get each group to learn […]

Summer reading – Teaching and Christian Practices: Reshaping Faith & Learning edited by David I. Smith and James K.A. Smith. Chapter two

Chapter two – Reading Practices and Christian Pedagogy: Enacting Charity with Texts by David I. Smith I have just finished reading this amazing chapter and my mind is jumping from one idea to another. It is a brilliant chapter that I want to read again; in the words of the author I want to read […]